Welcome to our webinar.

One of the things I’m most proud of about Stoic Trading Academy is the openness of our community, the will to collaborate, share knowledge and overally support each other. I always post my insights in our academy transparently, explaining the thought process behind each move.

And because I would like you to experience some of this transparency of Stoic Trading Academy, I’ll be hosting this FREE WEBINAR, exactly like the one we host in the academy every week.

Come check for yourself what are we talking about, the level of detail we go into during discussions etc. Then you can decide for yourself if this academy presents added value for you, or not.

Proven system designed to turn COMPLETE beginners into EXPERIENCED traders (today).

Access the Stoic academy where hundreds of like-minded individuals have already taken their trading to the next level and are growing their bank account everyday.

No previous knowledge is needed. The Stoic Academy will take you through EVERY step to become a professional trader.

Are you ready to skyrocket your trading skills?

A complete system of education for beginners and access to an exclusive community of highly EXPERIENCED and SKILLED traders (some of the best in the game).

One time fee, lifetime access.

Stoic Academy
Complete Trading Education
349 €
1 - 1 Call with the mentor
Live Signal Setup
Video education: Day Trading
Video education: Swing Trading
Video education: Psychology for traders
Weekly live calls : Trade breakdowns, backtesting
Trading Exercises
Downloadable PDF's
Community access
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