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    These are the most common questions you are asking us.

    Within the Trading Stoic Academy, we don’t share signals. We teach traders how to trade by themselves and take full responsibility for their decisions. You will get live setups called if you pick the LEVEL 2 before every single week, usually refined mid-week, depending on how the market develops. The mentors are always sharing their trades, but never sending them as ”signals”.

    Our mission here is be your last stop in terms of trading communities. We’ve built a complete community. A to Z trading education all the way from complete basics to advanced content. We also offer the best and reliable trading platforms, broker and funding options inside the community.

    With LEVEL 2, the LEVEL 1 package is already included in the price. You will also receive a more personal access to the mentor, you will be able to take advantage of the 1-1 call, you will also receive the access to the live setups.

    Once you purchase the Bundle, it is a Lifetime membership. You will be able to seize all future updates and be provided with growth opportunities. In case of a failure to process the Second Installment (if you purchase the installment plan), you will automatically be removed from the Courses and Community.

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