1 on 1 Call with mentor

You will be able to speak with one of the Top Traders in the industry and ask them any question you might have. This will DRASTICALLY boost your speed on the path to professional trading.

Weekly / Live setups

Every week the mentors analyze every trade they made and explain every detail behind the trade.

This is a deep analysis where trade selectivity and patience are displayed in real-time during a group call on a week-to-week basis.

Video Education: Day Trading

You will also learn to use tools for technical analysis such as Trend Lines, Key Level, Fibonacci Retracements and Projections, Moving Average etc.

You will learn to acquire entry and exit signals with a better risk-to-reward ratio, which will lead to MORE profit and FEWER losses.

Video Education: Swing Trading

A COMPLETE course where you will learn all the fundamentals in both Day Trading and Swing Trading.

After the course, you will have a complete grasp of the Foreign Exchange Market. You will learn how to position yourself based on price action and market structure.

Video Education: Psychology for traders

The single BIGGEST difference between a good trader and a great trader… is their mindset.

The ONE thing that leads to the majority of losses in Forex is the lack of discipline and the inability to control your emotions.

You will learn to use your emotions and think in a way that will SKYROCKET your trading.

Trade Breakdowns & analysis

We are breaking down every single trade that we take throughout the week. This section is being continuously updated through the week after we close our trades. This is a very valuable section since you can see our trade selectivity and patience on display in real-time on a week-to-week basis. Alongside our trade management and how we keep our risk under control and determine the potential of a specific trade.

Trading Excercises

To further enhance your learning, you will have access to exercises that test your technical knowledge.

This will ensure a correct learning path and an easier grasp of more complex trading patterns.

Downloadable PDF’s

You will get access to our swing and day trading plans, which will help you attack the markets in a very structured and organized way. Having a proven and backtesting trading plan by your side is usually the biggest difference-maker in this industry!

Community Access

“Network is net worth.”

Surrounding yourself with a community of like minded individuals and traders with extensive knowledge and vast experience in the Foreign Exchange Market is the foundation of the Stoic Academy.

We are proud to be a community of HUNDREDS of traders improving every day and making profits every day.

Are you ready to Join us?

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